How much do classes cost?

Our classes are billed on a monthly basis (4 weeks) and are different based on the different levels: Tiny tot: $80 per month Basics: $95 per month Intermediate: $110 per month

Do we need to buy skates?

Nope! Rental skates are included in the cost for the class sessions. In fact, our recommendation is to not buy skates without the consultation of one of our coaches. Several roller skates sold through large vendors do not roll properly and are made poorly. These skates can hold your student back! If you have a question about skates, please contact us and we are happy to help! Please note, we carry junior size 8 - womens size 8

How do I register my child for classes?

Click on the enroll button under the classes page. This will lead you to our parent portal. Simply create an account and register for the class you would like! If you have questions or issues with enrolling, please email us at and we will happily assist you!

What should my child bring to class.

Your student needs to bring socks, and athletic clothe to class. We also recommend a water bottle!

What should my child wear to class?

Your kiddo can wear either athletic pants and shirt, or they can wear tights and a skating dress. Also, all students using rental skates must wear socks. If you student does not wear socks, we have socks available for purchases for $3 at our front counter. If your student is enrolled in the INTERMEDIATE skate class, please bring gym shoes!

What saftey equipment should my child wear to class?

This is 100% up to you! You can wear elbow pads, knee pads, helmets, and wrist guard, but none of this is required.

My child is going to miss a class. Are makeup classes available?

Yes! If your child cannot make it to class, please just email us ahead of time at Then, pick another day to attend a class of the same level. Make up classes must be completed within a calendar year. Intermediate, JV, and Varsity classes do not offer make-up classes.

This is the first time my child is taking a class. What level should I sign them up for?

If your skater is new to skating, sign them up for either Tiny Tot ( ages 3-5) or for Bascis ( ages 6-10). If your skater already can easily skate forward and backwards, then they might be ready to join our Intermediate class. Please email us We can then schedule an evaluation.

When should we arrive for class?

Please arrive for class 10 minutes ahead of class. This will allow you time to check in and put on your rental skate size Parents please help your student put their skates on. Coaches will be available to help you if needed.

How long does it take to pass a level/ How does my child pass a level?

Each level has a certain number of skills that need to be completed. In order for a student to move on to the next level, they must have all skills mastered. You can see your students progress on each skill in the parent portal. During each class, students are assessed and their skills are updated. Each skills is rated on a level of 1 star to 5 stars. When a student reaches 5 stars for each skill level, they are then ready to pass. Each student learns at a different rate, but usually can complete each level 12-20 weeks.

Do you offer private lessons?

Currently at this time, we only offer private lessons to our competative level student for routine contruction only. We have found that students progress faster, both in their skating and with their growth mindsets when they have the ability to work with peers. For this reason, our program is a group based program.


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