Why Take Roller Skating Classes?

Roller Skating Classes

Roller skating is a sport that everyone can connect to in one way or another. Whether it is skating down the sidewalk with your family, or hitting up the roller rink on a Friday night with friends, it is something that can bring back warm fuzzy feelings. It is an activity that brings back such fun memories, and truthfully it is fantastic for your health as well! Check out these 3 reasons why roller skating classes should find their way into your child’s life.

Warm Happy Heart

Roller skating is not only fun, but a great workout too. According to the RSA (Roller Skating Association) “Research conducted at the University of Konstanz, Germany concluded that moderate roller skating will increase the skater's heartbeat to 140-160 beats per minute. Pick up the pace and you'll likely top at 180 beats per minute. This activity strengthens the heart muscle in order to improve blo

od circulation”. As your child keeps skating, it ensures that his or her heart is getting the perfect amount of exercise to keep it strong and healthy.

Promote Communication

In our group classes here at Revolution, we frequently have our students turn and talk to one another. It can be a statement as easy as ‘Tell your partner your name” to “How can you brainstorm together, to help your glide steps go farther’. We continuously provide our students opportunities to think and brainstorm together. These communication skills are vital in all aspects of their lives, and we focus on creating the skills that they can take with them into whatever life brings.

Learn Life Long Perseverance

There are going to be times where your child is going to face a challenge, and it is only natural to want your child to take that challenge on, work through it and succeed! Roller skating classes create the perfect environment to practice finding and fine tuning the perseverance needed to tackle any obstacle. The first time your child is on skates, they might fall down. Learning to stand on skates, or start rolling on skates absolutely can be a challenge for some, which is an amazing opportunity to teach kids how to work hard on this obstacle. You do not learn how to roller skate instantly. Instead it takes time, patience, and practice. Our experienced coaches guide the development of perseverance and the tools for our students to believe in themselves. Our greatest joy is seeing your child learn how to overcome these challenges and applying their hard work to get them to their goal.

Roller skating is more than just a sport, it is an avenue to create kind, confident kids; who are ready to take on their lives. At Revolution, it is a community of support and keeps our skaters healthy, both physically and mentally. Come roll with us and find out for yourself!


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