Roller skating isn't just for taking a casual stroll around the block, it is so much more!  This sport allows our skaters the perfect opportunity to learn leadership skills, find their confidence, all while improving their balance on wheels!


At Revolution, we use roller skating to bring out the inner potential we know is in all students.  By using a combination of structure, growth mindset driven compassion, and team building games, we provide the environment needed to develop their self-discipline which results in our students believing in themselves!


    AGES 3 - 5

    Imagine your child making friends, practicing sharing, and increasing both their core strength and balance all while roller skating.  Our 45 minute group classes do just that!  We play games with foam blocks, colored balls,  and rocket ship tunnels.  You student will have so much fun playing they wont even realize how much learning they are accomplishing!  Skate rental is included with all learn to skate classes. Select a time and create an account to enroll!


    AGES 6 - 10

    Just think about your child making new friends while confidently showing off their new found balance skills and confidence!  Our 60 minute skating class teaches not only how to be comfortable skating on skates, but how to accomplish new tasks and communicate with those around us.  This class is great for kiddos who have never skated before or are looking to strengthen their forward skating skills.  Our team games, compassionate coaches, and structured environment will have your child rolling in no time.  Skate rental is included with all learn to skate classes. Select a time and create an account to enroll!


    AGES 6 - 13

    Jump, spins, backwards and more!  Our intermediate class is the perfect way to take your skating to the next level.  This 90 minute class teaches kiddos how to accomplish new challenging skills in a safe, supportive environment while learning how to support their peers.  They learn that with consistent effort, dedication, and a positive mindset, they can accomplish anything!  They will develop skills that will not only help them develop amazing skating skills, but will allow them to be successful leaders in their futures. This class requires coach approval.  Please email us at admin@revolutionskatestudio.com for a skill assessment prior to enrolling. 



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